About Huxton

Huxton is an Arizona-based cannabis brand that is available for purchase in Arizona. Ever since their partnership with Flower One and Grow Op Farms, the company has been selling the premium products across Nevada and Washington, too.

Huxton is widely known for the consistent, curated, and multi-strain blended experiences that come in three categories: RISE, ZEN, and HIFI. RISE is designed to keep people productive and uplifted, ZEN offers relaxation and rejuvenation, while HIFI combines euphoria with energy. The products by this brand are comprised of hand-selected genetics for more enjoyable and consistent experience.

Why Choose Huxton

Widely available. Since the establishment, Huxton has become widely popular. Today, this company’s products are sold in Arizona, Nevada, and Washington.

Three core experiences offered. Huxton products are distinguished based on effect, not plant type. They have three multi-strained blended experiences: RISE, ZEN, and HIFI. These all combine hand-selected genetics for optimal experience.

Selection of premium products. They sell award-winning prerolls, budlette eighth tins, and full spectrum and essential oil pens.

Variety of effects available. Products are categorized by effect here. HIFI is known to offer more energy and euphoria. RISE is a sessionable blend that makes people more productive and focused. Lastly, ZEN makes you more peaceful and relaxed.

Info & License

Available In

Nevada, Arizona, Washington

HQ Location

Phoenix, Arizona


Dustin Johnson and Chelsea Johnson, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Boniface

    I really dont like traveling as I find it to be painfully tiresome. So, last week my fiancé and I decided to go for romantic getaway out of town. The Huxton Zen Budlette eighth is the only thing that could make me comfortable. Thank you Huxton for making my weekend bearable. I will certainly be buying more of these.

  2. Victor

    I am in love with Huxton products. They are re-energizing and promote happy thoughts. The flavor is on point and the effects too. I am able to accomplish a lot of stuff during the day and sleep peacefully at night. Huxton is really a life saver!

  3. Emmanuelle

    Recently I have a lot going on in my life which causes a lot of anxiety and depression. I came across the Huxton vape pens and things have taken a new turn. I feel more happy, less stressed and I am filled with lots of positive thoughts and ideas. This is an amazing thing! Thumbs up for Huxton for making this happen.

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