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Starting from 2018, hemp-derived CBD and products with less than 0.3% THC are federally legal in California. Located in San Juan Capistrano, Illuminent creates products that provide relief to medical marijuana patients, as well as recreational users. Illuminent was founded by its CEO Ryan Botsch and inspired by his passion to help people.

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San Juan Capistrano, California


Ryan Botsch, CEO



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  1. Tripsy

    The bath bombs are simply sexy for your romance seshhhhh with your loved one!! They create the right atmosphere that even porn cant create! Loved your products! I thought such perfection only exist in imagination.

  2. Frank

    I can sing a song of victory to priase the one and only!!! Yu WIN ILLUMINENT! Finally I found the best vapes that do not depress me with their unimpressive activity! Just heady and swaying to the tunes of air!

  3. Makerin

    The vape oils produce great affect. Not for a beginner though. But if you are a pro you will enjoy every drag.

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