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About Invisidab By Berner

Invisidab is a breakthrough inhaler which eases medication. As a CO2 metered-dose inhaler, some of its highlights is the lack of smoke, vapor, and cannabis smell. It focuses on a discreet and effective experience, and its plain looks similar to any other average medicine inhaler that helps the consumer use it at any time and in any environment, whether it is at home or in public. The quality is backed by Berner, ensuring top quality and performance without worrying about damaging expensive glass pieces.

Why Choose Invisidab By Berner

This product contains idrasil, which is a cannabis plant extract. It is the first standardized type of cannabis, and this formula is used by physicians and caregivers.

Invisidab By Berner has both analgesic and therapeutic effects, but without the side effects encountered when consuming edibles or smoking pot.

It is not only convenient but is also extremely easy to use. All you need to do is shake the can, squeeze it and inhale. There is no cannabis smell, vapor, or smoke.

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The best therapy I ever had was a therapy with this inhaler. Invisidar by berner created amazing produst that helps me to live simple life and enjoy it. This inhaler also doesnt have side effects for my body, thats a good prerogative

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I enjoy the effects I have during using this inhaler. Maybe some of you will be surprise but this inhaler can help to kill your pain and feel yourself better. Im glad Ive found such a cool painkiller. Thank you, berner company

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The great product of invisidar by berner is it. Its company produces such a useful medical product. I use its inhaler. I have to say that it saves at different situations and different places. No smell and no vapor. Its simply perfect

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Loving the brand! First, it does not smell and does not smoke like other inhalers in the market. Second, I love how the design which is perfect for disguises and travel use. A good purchase, you should definitely give it a try.

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No smell.

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Christina B

Loooooooooooove it! Perfect for travel.

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Easy to use! So convenient!

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Very convienent to use. Don’t worry about smoke or vapor like some smoking pot. Can use it at home or outside. There is idrasil in it and I like it. I just shake and inhale it. Gives me the best feeling ever. This inhaeler is without side effects. For me, it is very medicianal. I love this product so much and I recommend it everywhere I go.

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Before I got this inhaler, I was worried about the smoke or vapor that comes out of some inhalers. Since I purchased this inhaler from Invisidab, I have been enjoying a vapor-free and smell-free inhalation. Invisidab inhaler contains idrasil. I use it anywhere I go. Another thing I observe anytime I use this inhaler is the therapeutic effect. I always feel relaxed

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My friend told me about this inhaler and I decided to purchase it. This inhaler is the best I have ever seen. Asides the fact that it is very easy to use, it can be used anywhere since it has no vapor, smoke, or cannabis smell. I have been using this inhaler since I got introduced to it. Another lovely thing about this inhaler is its medicinal properties. Wow! It makes you feel real good

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I love the feel i get when I use this inhaler, it has no smoke

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Inhaler has no side effects

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No smoke, vapor, cannabis smell

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Wizzy Dy

This product has no side effects

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You can use it anywhere

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It is convenient to use

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What a medicinal inhaler!

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This is a great inhaler

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