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About Jah Seed

Jah Seed purports to offer reliable, safe products and genetics at very affordable prices. The founders have collected knowledge for more than 20 years, now specializing in iconic Canadian strains. They do not only offer them for sale but also work relentlessly to preserve their legendary effects and characteristics. They use old school genetics with new clones from different licensed producers, bridging the old with the new.

Why Choose Jah Seed

Jah Seed aims to offer extremely affordable seeds. They are proud of their offerings which are considered to best the cheapest in North America while maintaining freshness and quality.

Each order of more than $200 before tax receives 12-14 regular seeds for free. These can be chosen by the breeder.

Each package is taken care of personally. This ensures that all seeds are in excellent health, and the orders are very discreet, with no labels on the exterior indicating the contents.

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Do not buy from this scammer. I ordered over $100 in seeds from this guy over 2 weeks ago. He accepted my e-transfer and I’ve heard nothing about my order. I emailed after a couple days asking what’s the hold up since I’m supposed to get an email when my order ships. And again at 2 weeks. I read some of his blog on the website and he’s clearly paranoid. Going on about a stalker and how he refuses to respond to emails etc. Ya nice business model bud. If he rectifies this then I’ll update this. But for now don’t waste your money people

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So far so good.. "THE BEST" strain ABSOLUTELY REEKS!!! Only halfway through flower and the smell is amazing super pungent sweet goodness!!!

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