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Jordan of the Islands (JOTI) was established in 1992, and its goal has been to develop the best possible marijuana strains for medical patients. This company is situated on Vancouver Island, which has offered the best conditions possible to manufacture the best marijuana strains.

They've been in the business for more than 20 years and the passion continues; this is why their strains can be seen in many well-known catalogs of marijuana seed banks.

Jordan of the Islands Benefits

Offers the best yielding Marijuana: JOTI is focused on manufacturing aromatic, original, powerful, flavorful, and the best yielding marijuana. Their pot seeds boast great germination rates.

Accept no substitutes: Jordan of the Islands boasts the proprietor of the unique couch-looking, stanky, and sticky God Bud phenotype, which is highly desired by growers.

Great relaxing effects: The God Bud strain is well-known among chronic stress sufferers, who have revealed that it has helped them to unwind, relax, and de-stress.

Extensive Collection: The brand boasts an extensive collection, as you'll find more than 100 different strains, which are organized based on Black collection, hearty outdoor strains, cerebral Sativas, and breeder favorites.

Essential Strains: It becomes difficult to miss it with any of the cannabis seeds of this brand, with each strain being better than the former and sweet as the next.

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Have grown God’s Green Crack, God’s MAC, God’s Strawberry Cough, God’s Green Crush, Deep Purple and Black Gold Cali My favourites are God’s Green Crack , Strawberry Cough and Green Crush Least favourite was God’s MAC

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