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Keef produces and packages cannabis-infused sodas, water, energy drinks, mocktails, and oils, among other drinkable products.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, this company was born in 2010 when the founder, Erik Knutson, mixed up what he named Keef Cola and had his grandma taste it for approval. From these humble beginnings, the company has grown into having locations in seven US states. Its infused beverages have also been awarded severally. The oil is extracted using the CO2 method that ensures a pure product for the vapes and other concentrates.

The company that stands for celebration, fun, and adventure partners with licensed distributors in the seven states where their products are sold to help users create lasting memories.

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Wasn't a huge fan of their sodas. I tried the Orange Kush, and it just tasted like flat orange soda mixed with a very strong weed flavor. However, they fully redeemed themselves with the strawberry/kiwi water and the lemonade. Both are very tasty and wonderfully potent. I have truly enjoyed the high from these products!

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