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Kikoko is a women-led cannabis wellness company established in 2014. The brand was launched a year later by its co-founders – Jennifer Chapin and Amanda Jones after their friend suffered from cancer.

Kikoko came up with a mission to find alternatives to alcohol and pharmaceuticals. Presently, the company is on course to becoming a well-known brand internationally for quality cannabis, healthy, and organic products for women all over the world. All components for the creating of final products are manufactured in-house. Also, almost all ready-to-market products are packaged in compostable and biodegradable packaging. Kikoko is committed to sustainability, as well as making a great impact. This is why they donate some of their annual revenue to different initiatives promoting cannabis.

From clinical research, each product is manufactured to solve a specific issue, pairing cannabinoid ratios, vitamins, synergistic herbs, etc., for sex, anxiety, pain, mood, and sleep. On their website, you can sort products according to the effect you want to get: energy, relaxation, focus, or others. The Kikoko menu features tinctures, mints, honey, and tea, which is a bestseller. With the brand’s tiny botanical mints, which are stocked with vitamins, cannabinoids, and plant adaptogens, you can worry less about getting high. Kikoko makes use of plant starch tea bags without bleached strings attached to them. Also, flavorings and pesticides are absent to ensure users’ safety. Kikoko boasts lots of high-quality products designed to solve different problems.

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User Reviews

  1. Mr. Jinn

    Kikoko offers one of the best products in the cannabis industry. I love their cannabis-infused teas and tinctures. You only need a little portion of Kikoko’s tinctures to get the best results. If you are suffering from insomnia, consider getting this tea.

  2. James Bradly

    For a cannabis wellness company, Kikoko has done so well. This product gives you the best feeling ever. The cannabis has some medicinal I like. It makes fell relaxed when I use. I purchased their cannabis-infused herbal teas and I love it. It is all organic, no artificial flavor.

  3. Yvonne Cole

    The customer service here is great. I really love it.

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