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Ordered my seeds and they came within a week. Quick delivery. ????

Jon Richmond 05.06.2022

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About Kingdom Organic Seeds

The owners of Kingdom Organic seeds have years of experience in producing cannabis seeds and strains. Making sure that the seeds and strains are perfect for any medical condition. They are producing their own organic seeds and strains. Believing that by making their own, they can control the quality better.

Kingdom Organic Seeds Benefits

All their products are really organic. This is one thing that you can be sure about. That all of the Kingdom Organic seeds products are organic. They aren't just saying that it is organic, but it is truly organic, grown in an organic environment.

Shipping does a huge selection of countries. Not many cannabis companies can ship their products to a large variety of countries. This is because of the rules and regulations of shipping cannabis products. However, Kingdom Organic seeds are shipping to at least 12 countries at the moment.

Seeds and 17 strains available for purchase. Kingdom Organics are growing rapidly. At the moment they are selling high-quality cannabis seeds and 17 strains. But they are planning to expand and sell even more strains.

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Jon Richmond

Ordered my seeds and they came within a week. Quick delivery. ????

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Bradley James

Waiting for website maintenance to conclude before ordering seeds but have bought 2nd edition of true living organics. Information contained is awesome , especially if you're tired of smoking harsh product loaded with chemicals and heavy metals. Plants using his methods were top performers this past cycle. Can't wait to try the Revs seeds!

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Mike Piscopo

Can you recycle the on the fly quick (no cooking) mix after a growth cycle? Thx MP.

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Kingdom Organic Seeds

Customer Geoffrey Mann is not being honest. We responded to all of his emails. When we gave him his tracking number which is 9400109205568340459862 he became rude and we asked him to not purchase from us again. The customers package was delivered April15th days before leaving this comment.

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Geoffrey Mann

You guys really SUCK. I've sent numerous emails no response. No telephone number either. You took my money through zelle and never sent the seeds. EVERYONE BEWARE OF THESE THIEVES.

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