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Kung Fu Vapes

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Kung Fu Vapes is based out of Spokane in Washington. The company delivers excellent components used with vaporizer products on the cannabis market. Their mission is to ‘provide high end and well-constructed vape products.’ Their list of products include Variable Voltage Vapes, Pocket Rigs, Pre-Heat Technology Battery Rigs, John Fu products, disposable cartridges, etc.

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  1. David

    Hey, lovers of vape! Who has already tried the products of Kung Fu Vapes. Ive heard that this company produces cool products and now Im gonna try it. What can you advice to try first? What is your favorite product?

  2. Russel

    Thats great that this company produces such innovative products. I like to use them. Kung Fu Vapes became very popular among my friends, so we have now our Kung Fu Vapes community) So we want the best and we have it

  3. Joy

    Im a big fan of vapes and fell in love with products of Kung Fu Vapes. This company and its products are so qualified and simple in use, that makes me really happy. if you want good vape – order it on companys website.

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