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Kurvana is a California based company that was established in 2014. Kurvana was started by a group of experts who wanted to revolutionize the cannabis industry through creative engineering, scientific discovery, and quality manufacturing. The firm is dedicated to providing quality cannabis products to those that need it most. The company uses its proprietary extraction process that is developed after years of research. To ensure the quality of its products, Kurvana subjects its products to third-party lab testing in addition to their analytical lab testing. The company also offers discounts and coupons on their products. If you buy any product above $75 from their website, you are awarded a free vape pen. The code for this is LANYARD.

Why Choose Kurvana

Kurvana is a brand that stands out from the rest. In addition to their wide selection of products, several other qualities are lovable about them. Below are the highlights:

Third-Party Lab Testing. The company ensures that all its products are tested by a third-party lab. They also have developed a state-of-the-art analytical lab. This guarantee the safety of their products.

Therapeutic Ingredients. Kurvana uses a blend of full-spectrum CBD with natural ingredients to deliver optimal therapeutic benefits to the user. This guarantees ultimate wellness.

Pure Hemp. The company used certified hemp full-spectrum cannabinoids to preserve the naturally occurring flavonoids, terpenes, and other important hemp compounds.

No Additives. Kurvana sells only products made from natural ingredients. there are no artificial fillers, cutting agents, or additives in their products.

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User Reviews

  1. Paul

    By far my favorite vape live resin brand. Very consistent in their quality and definitely on the higher end of potency and with a natural cannabis taste.

  2. Carma

    My #1 favorite brand. I buy my CBD tinctures from them to help with my anxiety. They have really helped relax and I can concentrate on tasks at hand. I never buy my tinctures from another brand.

  3. Noah

    I love the ASCND-purple punch cartridge. It has a sweet taste.

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