KYND Cannabis Company
KYND Cannabis Company

About KYND Cannabis Company

KYND Cannabis Company is one of the longest-standing producers and processors in the State of Nevada. They have over 70 years of combined experience, and are known to cultivate premium flowers and high-potency strains. The product line is a result of several extraction methods and meets a wide range of recreational and medical users’ needs. At KYND, you can find THC-dominant and CBD strains, as well as clean oil products.

Why Choose KYND Cannabis Company

Widely available across Nevada. KYND Cannabis Company serves thousands of cannabis patients in the market across Nevada.

Full spectrum cannabis available. KYND produces both CBD and THC strains that range from sedative Indica to energetic Sativa varietals. They also develop edibles, vapes, dabs, and topical products to their customers.

Comprehensive testing. Before they are sold to customers, all KYND flowers and concentrates are third-party lab tested at AgLabs of Sparks in Nevada.

Modern cultivation processes. KYND flowers are harvested and cultivated by using modern methods, natural fertilizes, and a variety of nutrients for reliable dosing and medical efficacy.

Highly popular concentrates. The concentrates of this producer are highly popular with medical users. They are developed from CO2 hash oils and made with closed-loop supercritical fluid extraction technology.

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User Reviews

  1. Rose

    Some of the best concentrates I have ever sampled. My new favorites today.

  2. Gayle

    Quick shipping. Ordered on a monday and received my package the following wednesday.

  3. Lee

    Bonged some KYND strains yesterday and I felt really good. No munchies afterward.

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