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Megan Harlow and Corey Oliver are the founders of the Lazercat Cannabis company. With Megan as the CEO, this company thrives in cultivating top-notch flowers and luscious hash. They have created spectacular products by synthesizing resin and flowers at 10,000 with the help of sun rays and supplemental lights. In addition to this, Lazercat owns a state-of-the-art warehouse/ greenhouse that they built on their own.

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I love this brand because they definitely know their stuff when it comes to this. Plus the strains they sell are super effective and they even tell you how they get them. Amazing brand.

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Their shit is definitely good stuff.

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Their stuff is sooo amazing!

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got introduce to lazercat by my boyfriend... ever since i have bn getting there kush till now... love there customer service, budtenders and quick delivery of the products... guys i guess youll also love thios kush when you try... thanks guys for this lovely kush

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Ms katie22

what a nice cruise i am in with lazercat... the best ever flower ive encountered... scent is very lovely, the sight of the flower is very inviting and the effectiveness of the kush is mind blowing.... guys i can proudly tell you this is the main shiit!!!!!... thanks guys for this mind blowing kush

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awesome kush ever... smoking this took me to the right level and really felt good... lazercat have the best flowers. Pls guys if you need good kush, straight up to lazercat for a good product, it is also very affordable and has a nice scent... i know youll def tnk me

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