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Under the leadership of Charles Jones, Lucidmood has spent years delivering top-notch qualities of cannabis to medical marijuana patients. Their popular products are now sold throughout the US in Colorado, Arizona, California, Maryland, Nevada, and New Mexico. These include CBD and THC products, specifically formulated to deliver five effects – ‘luminous, loving, lively, luscious, and lullaby’.

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Boulder, Colorado


Charles Jones, CEO



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  1. Joseph

    I felt like I was dancing on the moon, singing with Michael jackson and yes, I am talking about a fund filled night with friends...will surely plan one more soon.

  2. Su Chang

    If you havent heard about Lucidmood, thats probably because people were keeping the BEST to themselves!! Best collection of strains that make you love yourself for what you are!

  3. KPOPlover

    The product was easy to take and as soon as it went into my system - it felt like a silent lullaby sending me to sleep. Its been a while I slept like that. Thank you!

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