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About Madame Munchie

Madame Munchie is one of the most rewarded brands that produce cannabis edibles in California. Their mission is ‘to combine traditional French recipes with premium California cannabis’. The founder, Madame Munchie has created this LGBTQ+ owned company in Los Angeles in 2014. She’s an amazing chef who loves French baking, which is what prompted her to combine old French traditions with top-shelf California cannabis into delicious edibles.

Why Choose Madame Munchie

Award-winning macarons. The popular French macarons infused with marijuana have won many awards, including the first place at the High Times Cannabis Cup.

Gluten-free products. All products baked and prepared by Madame Munchie are gluten-free and handcrafted with love. The company uses locally sourced, natural ingredients for production.

Sungrown and locally-grown cannabis. The reason why the company is consistent with the quality of their products is because they source their ingredients locally. The cannabis is sungrown and comes from a Mendocino County family-owned farm.

Full-spectrum edibles. All edibles sold by Madame Munchie are infused with in-house cannabis butter, or organic coconut oil for the vegan products. They are full-spectrum, solventless, and distillate-free.

Prerolls contain 100% flower. The Madame Munchie popular prerolls contain 100% whole flower with different strains that change throughout every year. Their most popular options are Cali Blue Dream, Cherry Cheese Cake, and Sweet Peach Fuzz.

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I dont believe that I could live for such a long time without its sweets. I tasted them few months ago and I was incredibly surprised. Can you imagine that Cherry Cheese Cake changed my mind and mood? Fantastic product!

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I know that most of girls like sweets. So I decided to bring my friend something sweet and something unusual in the same time. I bought Madame Munchie sweets. And it was the best idea. My girlfriend enjoyed it and ask more)

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Madame Munchie is definitely one of the best companies that produces enables with cannabis. French macarons and pate de fruits are my favorite products. one thing that I also like is high quality of its strain. Thank you, Madame, for these sweets!

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Wow! Its a great brand and great company! Their cookies and another baked food with marijuana are so amazing and delicious. Now I can enjoy the flavor of products and the effect of strain. Its a double satisfaction! What can be cooler?

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Tina T.

these macarons with marijuana is real masterpiece. Cant stop to enjoy them

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These edibles are incredibly tasty. I cant get enough of them!

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Tasty snack.

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Amazing taste.

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Delicious cookies. You will be left craving for more! I love every bit of it.

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Simply in love with the macarons.

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Best munchies, best customer service, and best price. That is how I can describe Madame Munchie. This is a unique brand that knows how to deliver to its customers. Their products have a good CBD content just to get you as high as you want.

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Madame Munchie makes some of the best edibles I have come across. They have a smooth and relaxing high. The cookies was tasty and tasted like animal crack! The high kept me alert and I was up until 3 am playing games with buddies. I am happy with this brand.

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