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Matrix NV

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Matrix NV is a cannabis company in Nevada that was founded in 2014. One of the founders, David Tuttleman is currently the company’s CEO. This company was created with the goal to enter the medicinal cannabis market in Las Vegas. They have years of experience and great success in cannabis cultivation, cannabis branding, and oil extraction.

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  1. Jacob

    Matrix strains makes me go crazy) yes, I accidentally came across the companys website, got acquainted with the products and decided to just try. Now I cant imagine my life without this strain. It makes me feel euphoria and forget about daily stress.

  2. Stan

    I think Matrix NV is a great brand. I use its premium flower very often and Im so satisfied that cant describe all my impressions. Its quality impress, and its effect is very positive. I like to have this premium flower in my usual routine.

  3. BrooklynM

    Matrix NV is an awesome company that sells a wide variety of cannabis products. I personally love their pure extract pods. It is very discrete and convenient. It is very easy to use also making it super practical. I recommend that you try it.

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