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Melting Point Extracts

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Melting Point Extracts of MPX is an Arizona-based company that manufactures clean and quality CBD concentrates. They sell these in Arizona, Nevada, and Maryland, as well as online. The materials produced by MPX are of high-quality because of their raw materials and the state-of the-art equipment and techniques. The CEO of this company is Scott Boyes.

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Pheonix, Arizona


Scott Boyes, CEO



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  1. Maverick

    The wide selection of concentrates from Melting Point Extract is indeed commendable. I recently tried their diamond roll and damn, it was an unforgettable experience. I will be getting some more because it is that good. I highly recommend this brand.

  2. Blake25

    I am a big fan of Melting Point Extracts’ cartridges. They have a consistent and well-balanced dose of a cannabis product so you get the high and buzz that you want without needing to light up a bong. It contains other essential minerals too!

  3. MicahNew

    The best there is <3

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