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Verified License

Available In

California, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania

License Number

CDPH-T00000017EXT, CDPH-T00000018EXT, A11-17-0000001-TEMP, M11-17-0000001-TEMP

HQ Location

Long Beach, California


Billy Maddox, Founder & CIO



About Moxie

Moxie is a cultivator and specialist in cannabis seeds, extracts and edibles. The company was established in 2015 in the state of California. The product is tried and tested by the manufacturer to make sure that it is capable of optimum quality. The breeder offers an extensive range of seed varieties, both native and rare. All seeds are harvested by hand.

The brand is a winner of the High Times Southern California Cannabis Cup 2015. Also, it won 1st Place at the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup 2015.

It participates in various charity programs supporting homeless children and providing free medicines for cannabis patients. The manufacturer supports programs on reducing waste and plastic consumption, and utilizing LED lighting. Moxie is also a FSC Certified brand that supports well-managed forests and the responsible use of forest resources.

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