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Barron Lutz , CEO



About Nasha Hash

Born and crafted in the famous Humboldt County mountains, Nasha Hash offers a massive selection of traditional Indian-inspired, hash-infused indica and sativa pre-rolls, powders, and resins. Each one of their top-notch pre-rolls is made of just two ingredients: ground up, premium cannabis flower and Nasha’s red temple ball quality hash. That’s it! Pure and simple as nature intended.

Their innovative production methods, using ice-cold, pure mountain water and ice to produce a solvent-free, potent hash and working with some of the highest quality cannabis farms in the state, are used to ensure quality for their customers with every single purchase.

While these methods might feel old-fashion to some, these are the same processes used to create a top-quality hash for centuries. They are proven effective and, as Nasha’s customers know well, they still work great today! 

Nasha consistently offers the best quality, well-sourced, cleanly produced cannabis pre-rolls on the market today.

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