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Located in Hagerstown, Natures Heritage uses high-quality strains sourced from renowned cultivars to create ideal products for their customers. The pledge of the brand is: ‘Nature’s Heritage is always trimmed by hand, cured for several weeks, organic and pesticide free’. Because of their organic and consistent approach, this brand is widely popular with cannabis connoisseurs.

Why Choose Natures Heritage

Hand-trimmed. To ensure that every batch is of high quality and perfectly grown, Nature’s Heritage trims every plant by hand. They cure each plant for several weeks before cultivation.

Organic growing process. Instead of using pesticides and chemical additives that are bad for the plants, Nature’s Heritage uses organic-only processes to grow and cultivate their hemp.

Third-party lab tested. Each batch is lab-tested by third parties before it is turned into a concentrate, extract, or any other product provided by this company. This ensures that all products are of top-shelf quality.

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New Bedford, Massachusetts





User Reviews

  1. Matt

    Not cured for the recommended 3-4 months! Pre rolled are not consistent and smoke like shit cuz you grind up the bud till dust!

  2. Matt

    pos company, dosent weight the prerolls correctly and all of them are absolute bs, they never smoke right, they canoe the second you hit it, and the bud inside the preroll is comparable to a piece of chalk with how hard and dry it is. hate to have this be the only brand at my dispensary. given multiple chances to impress me, non hit it

  3. ekalB65

    Good brand but I just wish that they could have more unique strain selection that is not seasonal. Their availability also sucks.

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