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About Northern Standard

Northern Standard is headquartered in Alma, Park County, Colorado, where it lays between three national forests; Pike, White River, and San Isabelle. The park area where the company is located is home to mining activities that shaped the area in the 1800s, and so Northern Standard does its part in conserving the environment by engaging in greener farming. Founded in 2016, the company has set the bar quite high in the industry as far as quality is concerned with its vapes and edibles.

Northern Standard stocks 20 Sativa, 19 Indica, and 19 Hybrid strains of their vapes and edibles, and they have three high CBD products: Sour Tsunami, Suzy Q, and Yummy. The company extracts its cannabis oil from a single organically-grown source and then processes it through the helium and CO2 extraction process for purity and quality. The oils only contain cannabinoids and native terpenes that are found in the plant, meaning there are no unnecessary additives. A world-class chocolatier and confectioner is tasked with ensuring only the highest ingredients are used for making the edibles – and those include cannabis-infused chocolates.

Northern Standard is certified to offer the products it does.

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