Northwest Cannabis Solutions
Northwest Cannabis Solutions

About Northwest Cannabis Solutions

Northwest Cannabis Solutions is one of the best rated and largest marijuana producers and processors in Washington. They produce recreational cannabis products in a facility of 50,000 square foot. On this territory, they have indoor growing rooms, a world-class kitchen for edibles, and a modern extraction lab.

Located in the Satsop Business Park in Washington, this two-story facility was built as part of the cancelled Satsop Nuclear Power Plant complex in 1980. It was then leased from the new owner in 2016 to become a cannabis growth facility.

Why Choose Northwest Cannabis Solutions

Top-rated products. NWCS is known to produce some of the best rated products on the cannabis market, including: Funky Monkey, Private Reserve, Legends, Mari’s Mints, Marmas, Terp Stix, Hi-Burst Fruit Chews, Left Handed Cookies, Verdure Tinctures and Capsules, etc.

Largest marijuana growing establishment. Spread across 50,000 square foot, Northwest Cannabis Solutions is the largest marijuana growing establishment in Washington. They currently employ over 200 people to grow and process marijuana.

Widely popular brand. Northwest Cannabis Solution is one of the most sold brands in the US. In 2017, they produced 8500 kilograms of wholesale cannabis. The new Satsop facility produces and sells even more.

Full-scope manufacturing. In the big facility, the brand grows, produces, and packs various products to sell to marijuana customers. They have indoor growing rooms, a modern lab for extractions, and a big kitchen to produce cannabis edibles.

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HQ Location

Olympia, Washington


Leo Gontmakher, CEO




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User Reviews

  1. Hulio

    concentrates of this company drive me crazy. I really like these products. feelings are simply unreal, I want to repeat everything over and over again. everything became much more interesting for me. thank you Northwest Cannabis Solutions for great concentrates

  2. Arno

    I just cant imagine my life without strains, especially without quality strains. this company offered me such a high quality strain that I smoke constantly. kimbo kush was a real revelation for me. Now Im gonna try more strains from this brand

  3. Amiran

    Who has already tried funky monkey strains? I like the most papaya do si dos. Its a great strain for me. Felling and emotions are great. I want to recommend this strain for you, guys. Besides it has a great taste and aroma

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