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Oak City Hemp

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Oak City Hemp is a committed company that aims to provide tested, quality industrial hemp materials for their customers. Their CEO is Aaron Puryear, an established expert in the cannabinoids industry. The extracted products by Oak City Hemp are widely popular among people in NC, while their mission is ‘’to ensure that Raleigh and the rest of the triangle area has access to reliable and trustworthy cannabinoid products.’’

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Pittsboro, North Carolina


Aaron Puryear, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Gotham_city

    I bought these to try before my outdoor trip with friends and boy everyone was super impressed. What a blast we had that trip. I am sure the follwers have incresed ever since.

  2. JumpingJacky_0234

    I didnt have a great impression about Oak City Hemp but now I beg to differ! The extracts have a booming action thats too hard to ignore. just lovely for a weekend getaway from tensions!

  3. Cpt Levi

    I love their varieties.

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