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Papa & Barkley

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CBD Capsules1
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THC CBD Releaf Capsules

by Papa & Barkley
  • 892 mg CBD
  • 32 mg THC
  • 29 mg Cbd per serving
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Releaf Balm 180mg

by Papa & Barkley
  • Eucalyptus & Tea Tree & Peppermint & Lavender CBD
  • 5 mg THC
  • 14 g Weight

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License Number

C11-0000017-LIC, C11-0001128-LIC, C11-0000199-LIC, C11-0000119-LIC, C10-0000698-LIC, C10-0000615-LIC, CDPH-10002847, CDPH-10002096, CDPH-10002846, CDPH-10003700

HQ Location

Pasadena, California


Adam Grossman, CEO & Founder



Papa & Barkley Review

The company’s owner, Adam Grossman, entered the industry driven by a genuine desire to help people fight pain using natural ingredients. His first product, called Relief Balm, which later became a best-seller, was designed to help Adam’s father alleviate debilitating back pain. The product turned out to be so effective that Adam came up with a unique brand name as a tribute to his father, Papa, and his beloved dog, Barkley. The name accurately reflects the company’s focus on creating products that heal, soothe, and support, just like a loving hand.

Mission and Beliefs

Papa & Barkey’s team believes that the most effective products are created from nature’s gifts. Therefore, the brand utilizes only outdoors-grown cannabis cultivated following organic principles. Valuable chemicals are extracted from the plants using solventless processes to create pure and safe formulas. The company’s mission is to unlock the power of cannabis for a more fulfilling, pain-free life.

Why Buy Papa & Barkey Products

The manufacturer follows the state and national quality standards and certifies each product with a Certificate of Analysis (COA). Products are tested for five microbes, ten residual solvents, and 66 pesticides to eliminate potential health risks. The extraction process involves using cannabis flowers exposed to low heat and pressure to create full-spectrum CBFD oil. Attention to quality explains the remarkable effectiveness of the brand’s products, such as balms for pain relief, capsules for de-stressing, tinctures for relaxation, and many others.

The founder of Papa & Barkley perfected the company’s main product when working on a pain reliever for his dad. This cannabis oil was later reproduced and is now the signature product known for pain relief. The company sources hemp from California, Oregon, and Vermont that it then uses to come up with a Cannabinoid-rich oil with no artificial additives. They take the oil through a three-phase testing process to ensure purity and safety for human use.

Though Papa & Barkley has only been in operation since 2014, it has a reasonably wide range of products. They have:

  • Releaf Body Oil – deals with inflammation
  • Hemp Releaf Drops
  • Releaf Balm – targets aches and pain
  • Capsules – gluten and soy-free
  • Repair Cream
  • Releaf Body Lotion

The company’s products are meant for pain relief and relaxation. The edibles, balms, and topicals are all dozed to suit users.

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