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You can smoke this strain anytime and anywhere

Meirion Christison 10.17.2020

Available In

Ohio, Oregon, Nevada

HQ Location

Bend, Oregon


Sky Pinnick, CEO



About Phantom Farms

Phantom Farms is a recreational licensed producer of cannabis founded in Oregon in 2008. The company’s principle is that “the best products come straight from the earth.” That is the reason why the vendor aims to be consistent in cultivating cannabis and uses sustainable practices and all-organic methods.

All cannabis grown by Phantom Farms is Clean Green certified, lab-tested, and checked for the absence of pesticides. The manufacturer uses Korean Natural Farming techniques to grow cannabis plants. This process involves various methods like natural bacteria introduction, fermentation, and ingenuous microorganisms.

By using a permaculture system, Phantom Farms maximizes the yields that the land can produce by sustaining its natural health. The farms are designed by permaculturalists who create a permanent, living ecosystem and introduce different organisms to help plants grow into organic ones without harmful chemicals.

Vapes, flowers, and pre-rolls are the main brand products. The vendor is the Dope Cup Winner in 2016, 2017, 2018. Also, it got the Outstanding Terpene reward from Cultivation Classic 2018.

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Meirion Christison

You can smoke this strain anytime and anywhere

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Meiriona Albertson

This cannabis is fantastic! It is perfect for people who want to have a deeply calming high, melt stress, and have fun moments. It is hard to forget its unique earthy flavors. I've smoked it with my friends during the weekend, and we had such a good time together. Worth to try!

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Brion Baas

Love it! This weed delivers euphoric bliss!

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