About Puffin Farm

Puffin Farm has the mission to ‘produce, process and curate the most aromatic and clean cannabis and concentrates, as Mother Nature intended’. This company creates minimally processed, organic and sungrown products by using cutting edge technology and great expertise in the field. Puffin Farm is a family-owned business operated by Ben and Jade, a couple that takes care of the day-to-day operations of their farm.

Why Choose Puffin Farm

Clean Green Certified. Products by Puffin Farm are Clean Green Certified, which means that they meet the high standards for cannabis production.

No synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Puffin Farm uses only sustainable, sungrown methods and does not utilize pesticides or synthetic fertilizers in the production process.

Low carbon footprint. Puffin Farm uses over 90% less electricity than other indoor farms. They utilize sunlight, starlight, moonlight, as well as the earth’s energy to manufacture natural and organic products, and also protect the environment.

Great location. According to the company, their top-notch weed is made possible by the perfect location they’ve chosen – the Yakima River. Puffin’s terroir is perfect and combines dry and hot summers, river frontage, wind, and good elevation.

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