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Puffin Farm is a family-owned company and the founders are cannabis connoisseurs as medical cannabis users. When use became legal in the state of Washington, the owners made the choice to start this business. Operated by a married couple, Puffin Farm offers products grown from seed and all concentrates are made in house. Offering a great selection of strains that include high terpene THC and high CBD strains, this brand has made its mark in the medical cannabis industry. The brand is Clean Green Certified, so you know that all cannabis production adheres to strict organic farming standards. Other certifications held by Puffin Farms includes the seal for Pesticides Tested with Confidence and Certified Sun + Earth Cover. There are no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers used and all plants. Utilizing outdoor cultivation technology Puffin Farm uses full-spectrum lighting for plants and the brand is proud to use 90% less electricity than other indoor farms in the state! All products are of the highest quality and Puffin Farm offers flower, hash, CBD, pre-rolls, topicals, and more. The brand claims that their top-notch strains are possible due to the growing conditions along the Yakima River. This brand has won numerous cannabis awards, including: • 2019 Sun Cup • Best Cannabis-Derived Cartridge Earth – 2019 Terpestival Cannabis Awards • Best CBD Flower Runner Up – 2020 Sun Cup • Best THC and Best CBD Cartridge – 2020 Sun Cup

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If am quite new to cannabis and always had the idea in my head that one joint is as good as the next. My eyes have been opened to a whole new world and my bong is working overtime as I try a new variety every week or so. Its not just about getting stoned anymore but exploring.

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When I know a weekend of friends and chilling is on the way, Puffin farm is my first stop.

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Andrew Moore

The weed of puffin farm is out of this world, but the vape oils are next level legit.

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Puffin farm is like toy shop for adults. There are so many different strands to try out.

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havent been this stoned in ages

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Hash Tag - What a trip!

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The pre rolls are the best.

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Martin Pierce

What a prestine high!

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I used to take great pride in rolling my own mary jane joints, but I am but a little grasshopper who knows noting compared to these guys. Puffin Farm pre rolls are prestine and deliver a clean and even high. The burn slow and steady and each hit feels like a revelation.

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