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Helped and guided by Samantha Czubiak, the CEO of Punch Edibles, dozens of employees work on the creation of the tastiest, most potent and consistent marijuana products. Starting with their popular PunchBar edible that was created right after their establishment in 2014, this company has many amazing products sold across California dispensaries and in the US.

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There is way a day will end without me having a taste of Punch Edible Ice Cream cake. Very yummy and highly potent. I makes me happy and relaxed which is very helpful as most of the time I have to deal with my noisy traffic at my workplace. Hands down, my favorite edibles brand.

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Punch edibles has the best products in the market. I have had the chance to try some of their products and a I am happy with their taste and effects. They also cist much lower than most edibles I have across in the market. I really love Punch Edibles. They are my favorite shop so far.

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Great products with amazing taste and effects. Every time I think of an something to chew on, I think of Punch chocolates. I love their sugar free milk chocolate cappuccino. This is my nap time medicine as any time I take it I feel relaxed and eventually doze off. It has really helped with my insomnia.

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Ice Cream Cake us my favorite edible by Punch Edibles. It has a way of making happy and relaxed after a heated argument or a long day at work. These guys really know to calm your nerves. The products are simply great; tasty and effective. My all time favorite brand.

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