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According to Raw, their company makes earth-friendly rolling papers. That is to say, their products don’t contain any bleach, animal or chemical glues or any other substance that could harm a smoker’s health. They are also supposedly gluten-free and vegan-friendly as well. But are they as high-quality as the company claims they are or should smokers look elsewhere to find a better, purer product? What about their customer service? Let’s find out in the review.

What Is The Raw Papers Brand All About?

How did It start?

According to the founder, Josh Kesselman, the idea for the company came into his head back in 1993. A friend handed Kesselman a cigarette which was additive-free and it got him thinking about why they couldn’t also wrap it an additive-free paper. Hence, he set out to make the purest cigarette possible – that didn’t contain any ash whiteners or harsh bun additives.

The first rolling paper sheets took years of research and development. Kesselman and his team experimented with different plant materials and burn rates until they came up with the translucent, medium brown product they sell today.

What’s the RAW Paper foundation?

The RAW Foundation is essentially the philanthropic subsidiary of the company. Driven by the belief that all human life is equal, the organization does a variety of things from building water wells in Ethiopia and Peru to funding orphanages in Indonesia. According to its website, the foundation has helped more than 25,000 lives so far.

An Overview On Weed And Tobacco Rolling Papers

There are three categories that you can purchase from the Rawthentic store: Classic, Organic Hemp and Black. Here’s a brief overview:

Category Description
Classic Classic Papers are made from naturally unrefined plant fibers and contain a natural tree sap gum line finish.

Each sheet is watermarked with the brand’s own criss-cross steam imprint, making sure that there aren’t any runs. The imprint also helps to maintain an even burn throughout.

You can simply buy a Class Paper pack or choose from a range of ‘bundles’ that combine the sheets with other items from RAW. For example, the ‘Connoisseur’ package combines Classic paper with RAW’s Original Tips.

Organic Hemp There are several benefits to using hemp rolling papers. To start with, they’re the perfect thickness for easy rolling. They also contain the natural flavor of hemp flowers which is milder and more pleasant than what you experience when using paper with additives. Hemp itself can grow without pesticides or herbicides. So, combined with the fact that RAW does not add any additional chemicals, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a pure product on your hands.

The Organic Hemp from RAW burns slow and clean, making for a very pleasant smoking experience.

Black Papers Black Papers are the thinnest of RAWs rolling papers that they’ve ever put out and as a result, you can taste the terpenes (the substance that provides the scent and flavor of marijuana) much better. Like the Classic RAW brand papers, these are made only from natural plant fibers with tree sap gum finish for an even, smooth burn.

Are There Any RAW Cannabis/Marijuana Products You Can Buy?

RAW only sells rolling papers and doesn’t seem to be focused on producing any RAW weed products.

A Summary

Everything about RAW seems to scream ‘pure’. From the logo to the product itself, you’re not going to find any stronger brand messaging about working without chemicals. There’s a wide variety of RAW products, each with their own strengths. For instance, its Black Papers line is the best option if you want to taste all the subtle flavors present in your weed or tobacco.

When it comes to smoking weed RAW rolling papers are one of the best and healthiest options out there.

In terms of customer service, we really don’t have much to complain about. Perhaps the biggest problem might be that they don’t allow reviews on their Facebook page, which can seem fishy to some.


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User Reviews

  1. BiBi435

    I often get the feeling that I want nothing but the rolling papers of this company. black papers give you the opportunity to feel the wonderful taste of terpene and get such a cool effect for the body. Love it

  2. Wales

    Great strain and cool rolling papers this RAW Papers Brand produces. I was completely convinced of that. I like to feel that slight euphoria that comes with smoking each rolling paper. All connoisseurs of strains should try these rolling papers.

  3. Wolly

    Its so nice that RAW Papers Brand can offer several types of rolling papers to choose from. my favorite is the organic hemp. it is incredibly pleasant when smoked, I like its smell. besides, I like to feel a new influx of energy after each rolling paper

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