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About Ray's Lemonade

Ray's Lemonade is manufactured by Dogtown Pioneers, based in Washington state. Their product, cannabis-infused lemonade, is made from flowers grown on over 20 acres of land. Grown and processed into lemonade oil in a 6,400 square foot factory. To make this oil an alcohol extraction is applied.

The brand was created to meet the needs of cannabis consumers of all levels. You can choose any dose from 25 mg to the highest dose of 75 mg.

Why Choose Ray's Lemonade

A wide variety of flavors. In stores, you can find original flavors of Ray's Lemonade, as well as blood orange, strawberry, and huckleberry.

Different dosages of cannabis. The product is available in various dosages to meet the most varied tastes and needs of consumers. There is a dose for beginners and professionals alike.

A quick start. Ray's lemonade infects your body much faster than food or activated concentrates. Its maximum will last from one to two hours.

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Bought my first bottle at Forks Washington s Canabis coast and I’m a big fan. It’s really good tasting lemonade with a chill laid back effect. Great for bedtime or waking up to a stressful day. Great product and tastes great

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I enjoy your product but as someone with type 2 diabetes I have to watch my blood sugar levels. What is the sugar content of your lemonades? (mango is my personal favorite)

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