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About Royal Tree Gardens

Royal Tree Gardens is a company that produces cannabis products. It was founded in 2013 by Max, Ryan, and Spencer, three experts in the medical marijuana industry. The company is set in Tacoma, WA and is licensed by the Washington State Liquid Control Board. Since their establishment, the creators of this company added two new members to their team, Judd and Charlie.

Why Choose Royal Tree Gardens

Makes small, quality batches. To provide great quality, the company focuses on creating small, but top-notch batches for their customers.

Wide variety of buds. On the website, as well as from its retailers, you can find a couple dozen different products that can meet the needs of every customer. Their most popular products are the Middlefork (sativa-dominant hybrid), DoSiDos (indica-dominant hybrid) and the Tahoe Cookies (indica-dominant hybrid).

Sold at many retailers in the US. On the website, you can find a full list of retailers where you can get the high-rated products by Royal Tree Gardens. Many of these offer free shipping.

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awesome quality weed that makes me super happy and euphoric. The relaxing effect on muscles is incredible. Smoked a few joints and I was flying all around the place.

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Hunter Smith

For the Kush lovers out there. You have to try the Moonwalker Kush. As the name suggests, you will feel like an anstronaut walking on the moon. For a hybrid, this strain is nice and potent and hits all the right spots.

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Sometimes, the only thing you want from your blunt is a feeling of euphria without any other side effects. Apart from the bit of a dry mouth, Royal Tree Gardens is as euphoric as it gets. The lime and mint undertones are soothing and pair great with a Mojito.

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Crystal coated heaven

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Dry eyes, but the high is epic.

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Kyle Green

How relaxed can a person get?

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Energises like nothing else

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Nice fruity flavors.

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