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About Smoke Cartel

The company was opened in 2013 by two Savannah students, Sean and Darby, and the company was established in Savannah, U.S. Ever since the brand has expanded to one of the biggest sources of smoking accessories. The online shop has a wide range of products available, including dab rigs, vaporizers, bongs, CBD and hemp, and many more. It offers a warranty for some of the most popular products. All items are sourced from American producers, and they are available in Thailand, the U.K., Singapore, Canada, and more.


Smoke Cartel has a deep love for craftsmanship. It aims to deliver good products to customers while maintaining excellent customer service.

Why Choose Smoke Cartel

Build a Custom Bong. Create your own mix of perks and other features in your custom bong from Smoke Cartel.

Loyalty program. It has quite an attractive loyalty program for every dollar spent.

Award-winning company. The brand is the proud winner of the High Times Cup Best Glass Award.

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Savannah, Georgia


Sean Geng, CEO




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User Reviews

  1. Crab534

    I am a big fan of vaporizers. I dont imagine my life without them. One of the best ones I bought on the website Smoke Cartel. I was also surprised by variety of products. I think each smoker and lover of cannabis can find there something interesting.

  2. Lilu34

    Girls, I have a great tip for you. Just open the website of Smoke Cartel company and find there cbd skincare&lotions. You will find there many useful and safe products. they have great effect for body, you will enjoy it as I enjoy all the time.

  3. Sean

    My smoking life was changed when I discovered for myself smoking cartel. That variety of products made me go crazy. I like their pipes and rolling paper. Lovers of cannabis, you can find your heaven with this company. I know what I say

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