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Spherex manufactures vape cartridges and dablicators. Thanks to innovative refinement techniques and extraction, it has become one of the leading industry players. Its vape devices feature a remarkable design and scientific engineering in addition to unique 10-terpene profiles selected from award-winning cannabis strains. Each strain is thoroughly analyzed for the composition to be blended to the taste. The CO2 extraction method allows getting a high-quality distillate (80-90% + THC). CBD options are also available for sale. All ingredients are solvent-free and not mixed with PG/VG/MCT and vitamin E acetate. In its vape products, Spherex employs CCELL technology: the cartridge heating coil is embedded within a ceramic core. This ensures even heating for a quality vaping experience. Recently, the brand has released an innovative product - PHYX sparkling water. It is a specially-formulated, both THC- and CBD-infused beverage that allows users to feel immediate cannabis effects due to the proprietary nano-emulsified THC technology.

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the finest vaporizer products I have tested till date..really helps with my insomia and headaches. I have literally stopped all my other pain meds and am so much better for it

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never been so relaxed and uplifted by a drink…..moveover alcohol

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Love you guys

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Greame Nathan

Awesome variety of strains

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