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State Flower Cannabis

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The history of State Flower Cannabis company starts 16 years ago, and since that time, the brand has grown significantly. State Flower Cannabis grow such strains as Pineapple Tonic and Cherry AK. State Flower sticks to the hydroponic growing systems to ensure consistent quality and potency of the strains their produce. The growers use sustainable growing practice, which means they only use bio-mineral nutrients and clean water to eliminate any contamination of the product. The flowers produced by State Flower are pesticide-free and completely organic. After the yielding of the plants, the flowers are trimmed manually and fried for two weeks not to lose a natural flavor and preserve CBD and THC in the cannabis. The batches of weed produced by the State Flower undergo Envirocann testing.

Info & License

License Number

CCL18-0000943, C11-0000300-LIC

HQ Location

California ,Nevada





User Reviews

  1. Andrea Ralston

    Looking to find out who distributes WiFi by state flower here in Las Vegas, NV

  2. Ruth Rey

    Very satisfied with Pineapple Tonic

  3. Benjamin Woodrow

    I just tried their wedding cake and is really strong. The taste reminded me of vanilla buttercream

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