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STICKS was created by the LTRMN team with a concept to provide “consistent, accessible, and good weed.’’ Ever since, the company has sold over 2 million pre-rolls to customers across California and Oregon using CO2 extraction method. These pre-rolls are made in accordance to patent-pending formulas and with precision milling that guarantees their optimal size and feature an optimal pack density and stay lit longer. They sell both CBD and THC products that don't have any flavor, only terpenes. The proprietary terpene profiles are delivered in CCell premium hardware, the most reliable cartridge on the market that features a wickless ceramic heating component that is optimized to absorb and vaporize extracts efficiently. The botanical profiles are steam-extracted. This helps boost both the effect and taste of the strains. To deliver a quality vape experience, STICKS uses top-shelf distillates, which are Clean Green certified.

Info & License

Available In

California, Oregon

License Number

C12-0000273-LIC, C11-0000346-LIC

HQ Location

Portland, Oregon


Dana Lars Ryssdal, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Carter

    I like smoking my marijuana and after trying the pre rolls from several other brands, I finally decided to settle for Sticks. The reason for this is that it is the only brand that has been effective in treating my insomnia problem. I really love their products and I will continue using them.

  2. Turner

    Sticks has some of the best CBD products that I have known. The brand has put too much effort on each of their products which is evident in their effects. I have used both their cartridge and pre-rolls and I am impressed at their effectiveness. They are quite flavorful too.

  3. Tuan

    Quality cartridges from Sticks. They have been my favorite ever since I started using cannabis products a few months ago. They have a great taste and are very effective in managing my anxiety and depression. The price too is quite affordable. I recommend them.

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