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Tao Gardens

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Tao Gardens is a licensed producer based in Lane County Oregon. Their holistic approach and almost artisanal character make Tao Gardens a no-till farming brand. The owner of Tao Gardens, Nick Ciufo refers to his facility as “a garden”. Their soil is custom-built which means that it is made especially for their particular needs and wants. This feature allows complete personalization for each type of strain they cultivate, ensuring proper nourishment.

Why Choose Tao Gardens

Even if they grow their plants indoors, they replicate the exact conditions as if they were growing them outdoors but without the risks.

The plants are well-taken care of while their methodology helps them have a rich, intense flavor and aroma, with up to 30% THC content.

All of their inputs are organic, although sourcing organic barley straw is difficult. This ensures that they emulate a natural environment, mitigating at the same time the risks.

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Nick Ciufo, President and Founder



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