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Joe Salome, Co-Founder & Managing Partner



About The Georgia Hemp Company

The Georgia Hemp Company is based in Sandy Springs and is committed to delivering high-quality hemp products as well as advocating for CBD education and growing awareness. The brand offers a wide variety of products that range from CBD flower, tinctures, edibles, skincare, topicals, and CBD for pets. The company offers its customers promotions including discounts on certain products. They also have coupon codes for a few select items. The company also offers a 15-day return policy and if the claim is valid, the customer is refunded the full amount. The brand only ships to the US states only.

The Georgia Hemp Company Mission

The Georgia Hemp Company was started with a mission of providing users access to high-quality hemp products and a place to learn more about the potential benefits and uses of hemp.

Why Choose The Georgia Hemp Company

A wide Range of Products: This brand has loved its mission by ensuring that hemp products are available to all that need them for different uses. Their line of products is extensive, spoiling users with choices.

Commitment to Education: The Georgia Hemp Company's website has a blog section that is filled with a lot of information regarding CBD and its use.

Dedicated Customer Support: The customer support at Georgia Hemp Company is very friendly and professional. They respond to all your concerns promptly.

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