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The Pot Factory

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Launched in 2013, The Pot Factory is a family owned and operated company based out of Bellingham, Washington. The company is run by Jordan Barret and Jenifer Zeri. As it stands, the company clones as many as 250 plants each week, which are first sprouted using an EZclone hydroponic system before being placed into a soil mixture of pearlite for up to two weeks. After that, The Pot Factory's plants are left to vegetate in natural sunlight for another 2 to 3 weeks. Afterwards, they are hand-pruned and trimmed. Once the plants are fully-grown, the product is sent to True Northwest Labs in Olympia, where they're tested to ensure a high-quality finished product. The company grows of wide variety of CBD, sativa, and indica strains, which includes Acapulco Gold, Baker AC/DC, Blue Dream, Corn Bread, and many more.

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Bellingham, Washington


Jordan Barrett, CEO




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    The Pot Factory is awesome

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