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When it comes to creation of high-quality marijuana strains, both pure and hybrids, Treehawk Farms is one of the highest rated companies on the Olympic Peninsula. Located in Chimacum with Jason Olsen as their CEO, this company has managed to create top-notch, handcrafted medical and recreational marijuana products for decades. Some of their most popular strains are Candyland Cookies, Magnum Pi, and the Blackberry Kush.

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Chimacum, Washington


Jason Olsen, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Sena635

    I adore to smoke cannabis and adore this cool brand. Its strain makes me uplifted, fill with new energy and sweet emotions. Dont want to know other ways to have a relax. This is the best one, and Im very sure in this.

  2. Max

    Lets this party started with strains of treehawk farm. If you really need a great fun, you should order products of this company. All my guests dont imagine our parties without this cool weed. There is a rule for us: want a great party take treehawk farm strain)

  3. Leon43

    My work makes me nervous very often. But I became calm and easy with products of treehawk farm. Now I dont imagine my life without its strain. Its a secret of my happy mood and better work. thank you, guys!

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