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Trichome Jungle Seeds

About Trichome Jungle Seeds

Trichome Jungle Seeds was inspired by the lack of variety within cannabis seeds, so it started creating its own breeds in 2006. Although Trichome Jungle Seeds is not a big company, it specializes very well in high-quality cannabis genetics.

Its dedicated team of testers from all over the world can ensure that each new release goes through rigorous testing for quality and consistency. Even though it can take a few years, the company never releases a new strain until they’re 100% happy with the results.

Why Choose Trichome Jungle Seeds

Organic methods. Trichome Jungle Seeds produces seeds using only organic technologies, so you can be sure about the purity of their products.

High quality. The quality of their products was recognized by numerous rewards. They took 1st place in Spannabis 2015 and IC Mag Cup 2017 competitions. In 2017, their strains won 2nd place in the Elite Cup.

Availability. You can easily buy marijuana seeds produced by Trichome Jungle Seeds on the Internet, so there is no difficulty to find them.

Suitable for medical purposes. MMJ patients can be sure to choose this brand as its strains are properly tested against disease like mildew and mold.

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USA, Canada, Other Countries

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Salem, Oregon





User Reviews

  1. Jackson

    Any strain that you want can be found at Trichome Jungle Seeds. With literally 43+ strains, this is an excellent company to rely on. The staff here is quite knowledgeable about each of these strains and will offer you quite insightful information about each of them and give recommendations on which one to cultivate.

  2. Matthias

    A few months ago I placed an order with Trichome Jungle Seeds and the delivery came in earlier than I had anticipated. The packaging is discreet and easily fits in the mail box. I have plans of making more orders as I am impressed by the quality of their seeds and the customer support service.

  3. Luke

    Fast delivery and great customer support service. Trichome Jungle Seeds sells its seeds online at Attitude Seedbank which is where I get all my seeds. I have ordered twice and I have always been impressed at how fast the delivery service is not to mention the quality of their seeds.

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