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True North Extracts

About True North Extracts

True North manufactures marijuana concentrates i.e. CO2 oils made by stripping compounds by using carbon dioxide. They also sell other cannabis-infused products, as well as vape-pen cartridges sold at medical marijuana dispensaries. According to the brand, all products are free from chemical solvents.

The company’s site says that: ‘True North products are designed for anyone looking for a completely clean and gentle experience that benefits the mind, body and soul.’

This Portland-based producer was founded by two Oregonians with experience in marijuana cultivation. Their motto is to enable users to ‘live your truth’.

Why Choose True North Extracts

CO2 extraction processes. To create high-quality cannabis extracts, True North uses CO2 extraction technology that strips the essential compounds and makes the products safe and highly potent.

Sold at numerous medical marijuana dispensaries. You can find these products all across the US. At the moment, the site is out of use, so you cannot order them directly.

Free from chemical solvents. Every True North Extracts' product is free from any chemical solvents and pesticides.

Variety of products sold. This brand sells a wide variety of products including cannabis-infused items, vape-pen cartridges, as well as accessories.

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User Reviews

  1. Rus

    Its cannabis extracts are amazing for me. Great product. I also like very much peach and blueberry gummies. These are favorite favors for me. They have cool effect too. I like that this brand produces safe products. that is so important

  2. Popie353

    I often use vape-pen cartridges of this True North Extracts company. So, I have no complaints or comments. the process of use is satisfactory and I really can enjoy it. So buy from this brand who is interested in its products.

  3. Sebastian

    Their vaporizer cartridges are my favorites. The strains they use are just so relaxing. It never makes me too energetic or too sleepy….its just right and I feel like Goldilocks

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