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About Valhalla Confections

Established in 2014, Valhalla Confections is dedicated to providing handcrafted products to its customers. The company was started to provide quality low-dose product that is safe and consistent in a deficient market. The company employs the service of third-party lab testing to certify the potency and purity of their products. The company offers three flavors of gummies that are well dosed to offer the same effect each time. The products are handcrafted in Nevada, New Mexico, and California.

Why Choose Valhalla Confections

There are several reasons for the popularity of Valhalla Confections. Below are the highlights:

Great-Tasting Products. This is perhaps the main reason for its popularity. The company handcrafts chocolates and gummies that are well-flavored and have a great taste that many users love.

Assorted Flavors to Choose From. Valhalla Confections mainly specializes in the production of gummies and chocolates. Their gummies are available in different flavors: watermelon, raspberry, pineapple mango, and others. The chocolates are available as dark chocolate and milk chocolate.

Handcrafted Products. The products from Valhalla Confections are handcrafted by dedicated staff from all three locations. They are made with a lot of precision to ensure quality and consistent doses.

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The gummies last long in your mouth, slowly releasing the active ingredient and the effect also creeps in slowly. The best things to pop into your mouth ocassionally during the day for focus and energy.

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The edibles are very much flavorful. I have become an instant fan of there edibles. I have placed it on my bed side and just pop a candy and feel so much relaxed.

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Magic Sparkles

The best edibles Ive ever used. The flavor is amazing, and the aroma doesnt smell pungent at all. It relaxed me to the core and I had forgotten all of my worries or woes. Would definitely recommend buying this.

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Ewart Harper

I tried the Indica sour watermelon gummies and they are now my fav edibles. They have a sweet aftertaste with a citrusy hint, and give me a spacey, detached, and relaxing high. I have these gummies, listen to music, and forget all my worries.

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Tamaya De Lang

I use Indica gummies every night

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Hendrik Curtis

Love the portable package and the great taste

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Merlyn Hooper

Didnt last

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Hendrikje Shelby

My standard edible for energy

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