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VapeMeds is the unique creation of Damon Berg, an expert and the current CEO of this LA company. This company creates a potent blend of cannabis distillate and live resin rich in terpenes – all encased within a dosable cartridge. The cartridge is crafted from frozen cannabis flowers harvested in small batches at their peak.

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Los Angeles, California


Damon Berg, CEO



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  1. Christopher Hallett

    Hi I'm looking to see if there isna vale strain heavy to keep things calm around me and also keep my head in the ryt place lol meaning chilled or somthing like that can you let me no wors out there or and tests about I'd pay for.I've adhd amd alot of stress many thanks chris.✌

  2. Petty

    The real medicine for me is vape pens crafted by Vapemeds. I just adore soothing and calming effect when it is so needed for me. And that pine aroma mix leaves me without my head))) Im glad to find it

  3. Silvermoon545

    I can describe for long time all great tastes and effects of this strain, but I want to make you sure that Vapemeds company has all the secrets of your unreal spending of time. You must try its cool strain

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