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The Varavo cannabis cultivator and producing company was founded in the year 2015. This brand was formed by a group of ailing people who couldn't get the proper supply of top quality, safe, consistent cannabis for their treatments and medical purposes. The main motive of the Varavo brand is to help as many people as possible and to be socially responsible. They are focused and dedicated to creating and supplying edibles containing the therapeutic benefits of cannabis in them. The brand covers every minute detail involved in the process, which ranges from the cultivation to production, processing, packaging and delivery of products.

Why Choose Varavo

The following are some of the reasons to choose Varavo.

Fixated on exceptional quality: Varavo is all about quality cannabis products. These experts ensure consistency, quality, purity, and good packaging.

Care and safety of patients: Varavo shows their customers that they care for their safety, health and wellbeing. The team members carry out the orders to perfection while looking in-depth into the needs of the patient. They provide products that are safe to consume at the recommended levels.

Renowned, reliable and trusted: Varavo is a reliable brand and trusted by millions of patients for the company's ability to deliver cannabis of the highest standards.

In house sourced: The cannabis strains, flowers, buds and every ingredient used by Varavo in the products are in house sourced. Experienced cultivators grow the strains locally giving the utmost care and attention that the plants need.

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Los Angeles, California


Vartan Kevin Bulbulyan, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Kelly625

    Varavo is a cool example of companies that make marijuana savior for people. Its a so fantastic goal to help people forget their pain and live usual life. Besides, their approach is special for each customer. My applause for you, varavo!

  2. Robern

    I can definitely say that the medicine I ever tasted were varavo products. cant believe that cannabis is so helpful in therapy. Now I know if I have any problem with health I should ask varavo to help me. Great company!

  3. Emilie

    That cannabis varavo therapy helped me. I had terrible headaches and often felt some anxiety. I couldnt work well and got problems at work. I decided to use varavo and it was a good decision. Its cannabis product has a good effect for me.

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