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Wacky Willys is a world-renowned for their innovative extraction and filtration tools and equipment.  The company is founded and led by its CEO, Wacky Willy. The company’s  passion and expertise is in innovating extraction and filtration gear for medicinal herbals, hemp and cannabis.  Their mission is to support individuals and commercial businesses in their quest to advance the art and science of medicinal cannabis and hemp extraction.  This company has 30 years of experience in the industry and is based in Victoria, BC Canada.  Willy’s ultimate vision is to inspire millions of people to extract ‘solventless’ with awesome tools designed for clean organic extraction using natures methods of water, air, temperature and vibration.

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North Saanich, British Columbia, Canada


Wacky Willy, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Lukas90

    I ordered aluminum grinder and t-bar hush press. So, what do I have to say. This equipment is so simple in using. My friends also decided to order something for themselves. Its quality makes me happy. dont wish anything more

  2. Amelie

    My passion is pretty things. And I think all smokers can find such things at Wacky Willys. Their equipment is so cool designed and produced. It made me a big fan of this company. I wait for new innovation, guys!

  3. Dilan

    I looked for some interesting equipment. When I opened the website of this company I was surprised by variety of products, their design and prices. Cool! I have already ordered a few products and wish more. This my favorite company.

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