Williams Wonder Farms
Williams Wonder Farms

About William's Wonder Farms

William Wonder Farms is a family-owned business which supports the local economy by using local supplies. The rich, organic soil and other necessary products and tools are sources from their network of trustworthy Oregon businesses. William's Wonder Farms has a staff comprised of family members and other close friends which share the same passion for quality. The company is dedicated to producing 100% organic flowers by using sustainable cultivation practices that helps to grow cannabis both for medical and recreational uses.

Why Choose William's Wonder Farms

The company uses only organic, natural ingredients and supplies sourced locally, ensuring high-quality of the final product and supporting the local economy.

All plants are slow-cured and they hand-trim all the buds. This ensures deep care for each plant, although it is time-intensive. These practices help them deliver only the best quality to their customers.

William's Wonder Farms are dedicated to the health of their crops, but do not use any growth hormones or pesticides on their crops. Only all-natural methods are employed to produce the healthiest cannabis.

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Grants Pass, Oregon


William Hill, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Stevens

    My mind was clear, my senses were active but my body felt strangely numb after taking the bubblegum strain. But it fet nice to stay eated and not think about anything for once. Sweet and Sensationally good.

  2. Izzie

    I loved the sweet taste and the awesome smell of this bubble gum strain. God! I was boasting about my fucking awesome purchase with my friends!!! HURRAH BROS!

  3. Rev

    The bottle is travel friendly and I ordered OG Kush. I get what i was expecting a strong scent and flavor. .cant wait to order my next bottle..

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