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Yilo is a superstore for cannabis extracts, strains, and products. Carsten Loelke, the creator of Yilo, has developed its concept over the years to succeed in the cultivation and processing of cannabis in Arizona and beyond.

The brand is located in Phoenix, Arizona area, United States, and its operations were launched in 2012. It deals with almost every category: from flowers, plant extracts, concentrates, to edibles, cartridges, pre-rolls, topicals, and even cannabis usage accessories. The brand follows the philosophy of tapping into the therapeutic and healing benefits of cannabis. Yilo was created with the view to give patients the finest medicated products to improve their health. Yilo tries to introduce creativity into each of its products and strain extracts.

The brand focuses not on quantity but quality, with a 5,000-square-foot freestanding CBD mall and a dispensary stocking over 200 innovative and proven pure cannabis products. They take a disciplined approach to production, which is characterized by the use of organic cannabis that they grow themselves. The brand is constantly improving the quality of service, trying to take the brand to the next level, offering a pure product for medical practice. The ingredients are hand-picked with a keen eye on quality, purity. And they grow medical marijuana themselves in Arizona. The experts then extract, bake, or prepare beverages out of these ingredients for consumption. Yilo offers customers an assortment of delicacies. The cannabis items range from chocolate drinks, candies, brownies, munchy snacks, cannabis-induced teas, coffee, potions, juices, and more. Yilo prepares separate batches of mouth-watering, gooey sugar-free candies and treats of the strains. Such products are meant to cater exclusively to those patients suffering from diabetes, yet at the same time need the powerful effects of plants to heal.

With Yilo, you can trust that the cannabis supplied is of the quality standards. They create them considering the growing demand for cannabis edibles and the dosage requirements of medicating patients. Their products are based on a traffic light system to control the dose: Green 60mg, Yellow 120mg, and Red 180mg of THC, but they also recently released Purple 240mg THC, a Light Blue 60mg, and Dark Blue 180mg of CBD. This brand is a multiple Cannabis Cup winner and also consistently Top of the Edible Award in Edibles Magazine.

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The pre-rolls from YiLo are amazing. Just a few hits and youll feel the effects. I have also tried the topicals which have given me relief. These good effects make me want to continue trying the other products they have to offer.

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I have only tried the concentrates and edibles... theyre both great.

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YiLo offers pure flowers and hybrid ones depending on what you need.

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