Introduction to Hybrid Cannabis Strains

Introduction to Hybrid Cannabis Strains

With so many offers in the cannabis market, a regular consumer typically faces a challenge of choice. Besides three genetic weed species – Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis – there is a ton of hybrids offered by skilled growers. Thus, at this stage, they need to answer the question, “what is hybrid weed?” to make an informed choice and pick the right product.

The first thing you need to know is that weed is a gendered plant, meaning that plants have pronounced gender characteristics. Female plants develop buds, or flowers, which are the target of weed growers. Male plants develop sacks with pollen that germinates the flowers and forms seeds. Thus, growers can easily control the process of fertilization by identifying the gender of their plants and isolating male and female plants from each other, combining only the plants they want to cross-grow.

These intricacies of weed growing help the plant breeders minimize the risk of uncertainty by combining exactly the plants they want to produce the seeds of expected Sativa and Indica concentrations. As a result, many commercial growers experiment with different weed species to produce a variety of hybrids with different THC and CBD concentrations, Sativa or Indica dominance, etc.

How Is Hybrid Weed Grown?

To produce hybrid cannabis strains, growers typically wait under the growth stage where plants reveal their gender signs. Experienced growers can distinguish flowers and sacks early before the flowering period, thus taking measures to isolate male and female plants from each other.

Now that the plants’ gender is known, a plant breeder chooses a vigorous male plant with the desired characteristics and a robust female plant, placing them together until pollination. Once the pollen is distributed and the seed starts growing, the crossbreeding is over. Seeds of such plants are used to grow hybrids that will possess both the mother and father plant’s properties.

However, it’s unreasonable to expect the new hybrid to inherit the parent plants’ properties in the 50/50 proportion. The breeding process is by far more complex than that, so growers need to grow the first generation of the newly developed hybrid to test it for the THC, CBD, terpene concentration, and other properties. If the desired effect is not achieved, another phase of breeding may be done to enhance the concentration of the desired cannabidiol.

What Effects Can You Expect from Hybrid Weed?

Choosing the right hybrid strain is impossible without understanding. “what does hybrid weed do?” In fact, hybrids can produce a realm of effects ranging from relaxation to euphoria. Thus, when picking the right item, you need to weigh the ratio of Sativa and Indica in each of them to realize what effect you might expect.

As we’ve already clarified, all hybrids represent a combination of Indica and Sativa species or hybrids derived from them. Thus, to forecast the effect of a specific hybrid strain, you need to factor in the effects of pure Indica and Sativa.

Combination of Indica and Sativa

  • Indica is CBD-dominant, known for its pronounced effect on the human body. Users choose Indica when they want a soothing, relaxing outcome of weed consumption.
  • Sativa effects on the human brain are more pronounced due to a higher THC concentration. Thus, Sativa causes the feeling of euphoria, excitement, and mental relief.

So, how does hybrid weed make you feel? When consuming hybrids, you can pick the one suitable for your goals by looking at the plant’s ratio of Sativa and Indica. Indica-dominant hybrids will help you relax and get physical relief, but they will be more stimulating than pure Indica. Similarly, Sativa-dominant hybrids will give you the uplifting effect coming with a less pronounced physical effect.

Guide to Hybrid Weed Strains

Now let’s get acquainted with a couple of popular Indica-dominant and Sativa-dominant strains. You can use these guidelines or conduct your own research in the market to find exciting options for a try.


Indica-Dominant Strains

White Berry

This Indica-dominant weed strain is extremely rich in THC, with 18.6-21.6% of its concentration. The CBD constitution is only 0.35-0.66%, giving users a minimal effect on the body. This strain is famous for its euphoric effect, so it will suit people expecting a boost of energy, fun, and creativity upon consuming weed.


If you want to have some fun and laugh your guts out, it’s better to choose RockStar for your recreational weed smoking session. Its THC concentration reaches 17.5%, and the maximum CBD concentration is only 0.44%. Thus, you won’t feel sleepy or too relaxed.

Blue OG

This hybrid strain is ideal for those who want focus and relaxation instead of elevation and euphoria. The THC concentration is 15.5-18.5% and CBD reaches 0.47-0.77%, making it ideal even for newbies. You’re sure to love its spicy, musky flavor.


Sativa-Dominant Strains

Purple Haze

People seeking a euphoric, happy effect of weed coupled with intense cerebral stimulation will certainly enjoy Purple Haze. This Sativa-dominant strain is THC-rich, with THC concentration reaching 23%, but it also includes up to 0.74% of CBD.


This hybrid contains up to 20.4% THC and 0.77% CBD, giving its consumers a sleepy, relaxing effect. Thus, it’s recommended for use before bedtime to improve the quality of sleep for disturbed people or those experiencing pain.

Pineapple Jack

The effect of Pineapple Jack is that of uplifting and fun, with up to 19.25% of THC concentration. Users like its tropical, fruity flavor and the anxiety relief effect.


As you can see, the market of weed hybrids is vibrant and diverse, giving you a realm of options to consider depending on your condition and expected effects. Make sure you also factor in your body’s overall tolerance to weed (which is vital for newbies), as some hybrids are much more potent than others. Another critical factor is users’ medical history; you need to consult a physician to check whether weed is generally compliant with the medications you use or the condition you have. With this knowledge in mind, you’ll be much better positioned to make an informed, safe weed choice.