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Craft Elixirs

About Craft Elixirs

Craft Elixirs LLC started as a recreational processor of small batch, artisanal syrups made from seasonal ingredients grown in Washington. Their story began in 2013. What started as a small selection of products that included several THC infused items turned into a big and successful company. Their mission is ‘to create flavours that will surprise even the most sophisticated palette’.

Why Choose Craft Elixirs

Various uses for their products. The company produces a variety of syrup elixirs that are used to make cocktails, carbonated sodas, marinades, and other mixology crafts.

Variety of strains used in the elixirs. Craft Elixirs uses a variety of strains to produce numerous products. They sell sativa, indica-dominant, as well as hybrid strains.

Uses renowned local marijuana growers. Craft Elixirs works with renowned local marijuana growers out of Washington, such as Ruffin Farms, Raven Grass, Cascade Gnome, etc.

Locally sourced berries. The berries used in the production are locally-sourced. This allows the company to deliver delicious and fresh flavours in their edibles and syrups.

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HQ Location

Seattle, Washington


Jamie Hoffman, CEO



User Reviews

  1. HaroldA

    Very delicious! A friend share her stash of squares when I visited her house and It was almost addicting. I cannot get enough especially with the pioneer squares with blueberry flavor! I also love their sea salt and cracked pepper chips!

  2. SmithK

    Sour cherry squares are the best! <3

  3. RaymondS

    Great flavor selection.

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