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The cookies are so tasty, you might even forget they are infused with cbd

Jen188 12.28.2020

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About Dr Norm’s

Dr. Norm’s is a family-owned business established in the year 2013 in honor of Dr. Norm Koz. The idea of growing cannabis products and marketing was from their pharmacist Mom’s baking skills! This was how Audrey’s cookies were introduced to the world. It was founded by Jeff Koz and Roberta Wilson, a brother and sister. They produce and market their cannabis products wholesale. Dr. Norm’s brand believes in the mantra of “know your dose”.

Why Choose Dr Norm’s

Here’s why you should choose Dr. Norm’s for your cannabis products

No medicinal aftertaste

The experts at Dr. Norms specially craft the products to precision so that you enjoy the sweet taste of cookies with a tinge of your favorite weed in it. With their products, you do not get the medicinal aftertaste lingering in your mouth.

Safe and effective

Dr. Norm’s products are tested well for safety and effectiveness. It is free of harmful toxins, pesticides, microbes, solvents, coloring, hexanes, and mycotoxins.

Quality control

Dr. Norm’s uses only the highest quality ingredients in each of their products. The Hemp CBD is cultivated naturally and is 99.9% pure.

Consistent customer experience

Dr. Norm’s knows how to take care of their customers as if they were family members. The products are dosed with cannabis in the precise quantities that are safe for use.

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The cookies are so tasty, you might even forget they are infused with cbd

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The last bust stop for all devoted cookie lovers…Dont let it pass you by

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I really enjoying getting cookies from Dr Norms

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mouth watering flavor

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The best cbd cookies farm

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