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Legion of Bloom is an award-winning company that has already won 10 different industry awards. It was founded in Northern California by a team of five industry veterans in 2015. They gathered up with only one aim to produce the best possible marijuana without causing any bad influence on the environment.

Legion of Bloom’s mission is to honor the cannabis culture and provide their customers with an incomparable experience. Moreover, they believe that this experience has to be shared the right way, which means that their production mustn’t contain any chemicals, harmful pesticides, or additives. They strive to produce only quality products, using the best cultivation and extraction processes. That’s to make sure that their clients are getting value for money and that they are only getting the best cannabis products on the market.

They have more than 10 industry awards, and this is what makes them great. Among them, there are such prestigious, as Emerald Cup, High Times, and SF Weekly. It only means that professionals think this is one of the best cannabis companies as well. To be assured of it, it’s possible to look at the list of their partnerships, which is pretty long.

They are selling a large variety of products, ensuring that anyone who is buying from them is getting what they need. Legion of Bloom suggests a diversity of flowers, cartridges, pax pods, and CBD-powered topicals. However, the most incredible of their products is cannabis-derived terpenes. Using a proprietary, solventless process, they can extract terpenes from one’s favorite strain and then infuse it in one of their cartridges. The company also sells special battery kits with integral chargers for their cartridges. In addition to all of that, the brand presents a line of apparel. It’s also worth mentioning that the brand provides an opportunity for wholesale inquires that are available through their website.

Legion of Bloom is only selling cannabis products that are lab tested, and all the results are freely available right on the website. It means that the company respects transparency, and the customer will always buy products that are tested and original. In Legion of Bloom, they won’t sell anything to you that isn’t 100% pure cannabis.

They get benefits from marijuana experts that have many years of experience in the field of growing cannabis and producing the best products. With planting and growing the plants, they cooperate only with trusted farms and don’t use any chemicals or pesticides. Needless to say, that they don’t add any additives, PG, VG, MST oil, and vitamin E acetate to their production.

At the same time, the brand esteems sustainability and environmental responsibility. Besides developing eco-friendly packages and optimizing energy efficiency, Legion of Bloom also donates a part of their income to support the environment. Namely, they help with the restoration of Monarch butterfly habitat and replant trees damaged by the infamous Californian wildfire. However, they admit that to solve such a problem, they need the help of every customer.

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