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I did like the packaging of the products. It becomes really easy to handle them and I like smell and flavor. Will return back for my next findings.

Aslan 01.15.2021
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PAX Era Pina Dream CBD Cartridge logo

PAX Era Pina Dream CBD Cartridge

  • 100 mg CBD
  • 290 mg THC
  • 0.5g Weight

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License Number

C11-0000497-LIC, C11-0000150-LIC

HQ Location

Los Angeles, California


Nidhi Lucky Handa, CEO



LEUNE Review

LEUNE is more than a cannabis brand, it’s a lifestyle. This woman-of-color-owned company was founded in 2018. Located in California and partnered with the best growers who use pesticide-free, organic farming practices and transparent production processes.

The brand sells many different premium cannabis products, from all-in-one vaporizers, prerolls, and PAX to oil and flower.

The company is very particular about which growers they work with and the products they sell and has manufacturing and distribution licenses.

LEUNE is all about changing the cannabis culture to make it more mainstream and acceptable. The brand recently opened a new venture, LEUNE Lab, which is a showcase for aspiring creatives and artisans. It is also the center of the merch. Also, thanks to this launch, the brand donates to the Last Prisoner Project. Each dime from the sale of multi-colored packs of face masks goes there.

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I did like the packaging of the products. It becomes really easy to handle them and I like smell and flavor. Will return back for my next findings.

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This is the best destination for pot smokers! The products have a image of their own - brilliant and always charming. I loved my sesh with my buddies! Didnt disappoint me.

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thumbs up Leune... got some cannabis meds, cannabis oil and the vapes, really good and it is exactly how i wanted it to be... heard bout you guys from my wife and i decided to give it a try... will definitely continue getting my stuffs from you guys. Once again thanks for the services... god bless.

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this is an awesome company, with quality medical cannabis. Leune has a good customer service, excellent delivery service and different varieties. This company is the best ive seen and im very convinced... very affordable and strongly recommend for you guys... thank you guys on this!!!!

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Boss Kendrick

thank you Leune, you guys are so amazing... pls keep it up. The cannabis oil is a good product which i strongly recommend to those suffering from anxiety, i was also suffering from anxiety until i met Leune and everything were good. Use this brand and you’ll be glad you did...

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you guyz are really the best and i want to say a big thank you guys!!! Had almost all the varieties in this company, talking about the pot, vapes, and so on. All have been awesome and the only thing i can tell you guys out there is to try this too... im just so happy for getting a real cannabis from Leune

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Wilex John

thanks for this product guys, you guys are really awesome in what you do. The customer service is on point, quick delivery, affordable and quality meds. Leune is a company i strongly recommend for you guys out there... i know you guys will surely thank me later

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thanx Leune really appreciate you guys for your awesome job. The cannabis oil is great and i strongly recommend

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thanks Leune for this quick delivery of prerolls and vapes... awesome shits. I strongly recommend this company to you guys that love awesome vapes

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